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Convention Vessels

The JSR welcomes all eligible ships to fly the Jamaica Flag. Any entity established with the authority to own ships, whether or not established in Jamaica, can be registered as the owner of a Jamaican ship. There is no need for incorporation in Jamaica neither is the use of Jamaican crew mandatory. The use of Jamaican crew however, provides a benefit to the Owner. Non-Jamaican entities need only engage a Jamaican individual or entity in Jamaica as an Authorized Representative of the owner, to be registered. The vessel must be established as seaworthy in flying the Jamaican Flag. The Registry Team happily provides guidance in the process.  Learn More
Jamaica is open for Business! The right of a Jamaican ship to engage in trade in Jamaican waters, may be extended to foreign ships where there are no available Jamaican ships to provide the service. Such vessel must demonstrate for the satisfaction of the MAJ, their ability to conduct the indicated trade in a safe manner and appoint an Agent in Jamaica. The vessels must also demonstrate their seaworthiness to the satisfaction of the MAJ, for the intended trade. It is possible also for non-Jamaican specialist crew to work onboard Local Trade Vessels, subject to the approval of the MAJ.  Learn More

Non Convention Vessels

The Jamaica Ship Registry (JSR) welcomes vessels of under 500 gt trading in Jamaican waters or internationally providing they are in CLASS. Where not in CLASS with an IACS member, the services of approved non-IACS Recognized Organisations (ROs) may be used to fulfil the statutory requirements of the MAJ. The MAJ (Surveyors) inspect smaller vessels or accepts inspection reports from approved inspectors. An application for registration of such a vessel, must equally fulfil the administrative and technical requirements for registration. The Bill of Sale, company/owner documentation, evidence of deregistration/approval for registration must be provided, applicable fees paid and the vessel inspected.” Learn More
Local trade Operations for Non-Convention Vessels
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