ISM Audit

Safety management systems are implemented onboard to ensure that commercial vessels are maintained and operated safely to prevent maritime accidents and protect the marine environment. Periodic audits are conducted to ensure that the safety of a vessel and its crew, and protection of the marine environment is always maintained.

Audits are conducted for the Safety management systems with emphasis on safe operating parameters, the qualifications and training of the vessel’s crew, vessel maintenance, emergency procedures, health and safety considerations and continuous improvement of the system. All Jamaican registered ships of 500 gross tonnes (GT) and above and regardless of the date of construction shall be certified under the International Safety Management System. At the request of the shipowner or as it deems necessary MAJ can provide audit services for the issuance of Documents of Compliance and safety management certificate. The MAJ also delegate Recognized Organizations to conduct ISM audits and certification of Jamaican vessels on its behalf.


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