Certification of Seafarers

The MAJ will issue Certificates of Competence / Proficiency only to those candidates who meet the requirements appropriate to the capacity, function and level of responsibility for which they seek to be certified.

To acquire the relevant certification, the applicant must verify they meet all the requirements such as:

  • Hold a current certificate of competency OR Prove they hold a current certificate of competency or equivalent;
  • Prove they have met the minimum sea service requirements;
  • Complete and pass the approved qualifications;
  • Completed the required ancillary certificates;
  • Pass the MAJ approved examinations;
  • Be medically fit and have good eyesight.

In addition, the candidate must also have English conversation, reading and writing skills appropriate to the responsibilities and functions for the level of the certification, so they can satisfactorily complete training, pass examinations and discharge their duties.

In order to continue to qualify for seagoing services, Seafarers holding a certificate of competence issued or recognized by the MAJ and whom is serving at sea or intends to return to sea after a period ashore is required at interval not exceeding five (5) years to apply to MAJ for the revalidation of such certificate.

Seafarer must re-apply for the replacement of a certificate of competency or proficiency which has been lost/stolen or destroyed.

In addition, Seafarer certificate of competency may be cancelled or suspended in cases where:

  1. Incompetency, omission, or commission of such acts by the holder of the Certificate, which may lead to personal injury, death, or shipping casualty;
  2. If it is found that the said person is guilty of any gross act of misconduct, drunkenness or tyranny, or in a case of collision, has failed to render assistance, or to give such information, or that the loss, stranding or abandonment of, or damage to any ship, or loss of life has been caused by his wrongful act or default.

Seafarer may appeal against order of cancellation/suspension to the Director General of Maritime Authority of Jamaica within 30 days from the date of receipt of such order cancelling or suspending his or her Certificate of Competency. The MAJ also endorses specialized training, which is a requirement to perform tasks onboard specialized ships such as for oil and chemical cargo operations.


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