A Yacht, whether private, private charter of commercial, may also be registered in Jamaica. 

Registering a Yacht in Jamaica, affords

Your yacht under construction, private, commercial or charter yacht will be secure with us.

Why Register a Yacht in Jamaica?

  • Accessibility: available; 24/7 to listen and to guide
  • Ownership:  Existing corporations and foreign maritime entities may be used*
  • Crew:  No restriction on nationality*
  • Vessels:  Any sized vessel engaged as Private, Private Charter or Commercial
  • Term of Registry Certificates:  One or four years
  • Ports of Registry:  Nineteen (19) including Montego Bay, Falmouth and Port Antonio

The following documents will also be needed to support the Application:

  • Proof of Ownership – Bill of Sale or Builder’s Certificate
  • Proof of Eligibility – Company Documents (or if individual, Jamaican Passport)
  • Deletion Certificate
  • Application for Crew Endorsement


Document Downloads

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