Ships Under Construction

The Shipping Act, 1998, provides for a ship to be registered in Jamaica while under construction.  This provision serves primarily to facilitate the security of mortgages against the vessel, during the period of construction (and beyond). Upon completion of construction, the vessel, as well as any attendant mortgage, may be transferred to the respective register of ships.  Where such a transfer of mortgage is done, the mortgage shall retain its priority enjoyed while the vessel was under construction.

An application for registration of a Ship Under Construction requires the submission of the following documents:

  1. An Application for Registration and Notice of Name of a Ship Under Construction (Form JSR059);
  2. Interim Builder’s Certificate
  3. Company documents:
    1. Certificate of Incorporation or Similar Documents of Establishment:
    2. Notice of Directors or Similar Documents;
    3. Certificate of Good Standing;
  4. Power of Attorney (where applicable)
  5. Mortgage Deed.

For the permanent registration of the vessel upon completion of construction, all other requirements to facilitate the full certification of such a vessel in operation, must be fulfilled.


Document Downloads

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