Local Trade Operations

What is “Local Trade” Operation?

Local Trade refers to the conduct of trade in or from Jamaican Waters, pursuant to Part III of the Shipping Act, 1998.

What ships may engage in Local Trade in Jamaica?

Only Jamaican ships may engage in trade within Jamaican waters. Where no Jamaican ship is available, a foreign ship may be permitted to provide the service. The Maritime Authority of Jamaica issues Local Trade Certificates to foreign vessels, as evidence of their authorization to engage in local trade activities.


Can non-Jamaican crew be engaged onboard Local Trade vessels?

Paragraph 7 of the Shipping (Local Trade) Regulations, 2003, restricts the engagement of crew in Local Trade operations to Jamaican Seafarers. Where it is demonstrated that suitably qualified or experienced Jamaicans are not available, non-Jamaican Seafarers with the requisite approval from the Ministry of Labour, may be engaged.

What does the process entail?

  • The Owner of the ship or the Ship’s Agent in Jamaica, must submit to the Registrar of Ships:
    • an Application for Local Trade Operation (JSR-08)
    • • supporting documents (on page 2 of JSR-08) valid for the intended duration of the operation or a minimum term of three (3) months, whichever is greater.
      • Certificate of Registry
      • Proposed Manning Schedule
      • Evidence of Jamaican Crew engaged onboard (or evidence to assure of the non-availability)*
      • Tonnage Certificate
      • Safety Certificate
      • Loadline Certificate (as applicable)
      • Certificate of Insurance (against pollution damage)
      • Appointment of Authorized Agent (included on JSR-08)
      • Evidence of Financial Responsibility against third party damage
  • Pay the applicable Fee (Local Trade Fees)
  • Facilitate the verification of the vessel’s technical soundness for the service to be delivered in Jamaican waters
  • Ensure the Crew has received the necessary permit prior to engaging the vessel.
  • Ensure the vessel operates in compliance with the provisions of the Local Trade Certificate (LTC) provided and is manned always with duly certificated Seafarers.

What is the term of certification?

Vessels may be certified for terms of 3-months, 6-months, 9-months or 12-months at a time.

Can The certification be extended or renewed?

 The Local Trade Certificate may be renewed for a similar or other term of certification where the requirements for that subsequent term of operation are satisfied. Renewals shall take effect from the date of expiration of the last Certificate issued and shall attract the appropriate fee. Only the document(s) requiring renewal during the period of intended certification need be submitted with the application for renewal

What obtains where the vessel leaves Jamaica during the term of certification?

 Where during the term of certification, the ship leaves Jamaica for any period, its technical soundness must again be established before she may again commence operation in Jamaican waters up to the expiration of the LTC.


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