World Maritime Day (WMD) 2022

World Maritime Day 2022

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ON SEPTEMBER 29, Jamaica joins with other International Maritime Organization (IMO) member states and observer international organisations across the globe to celebrate World Maritime Day under the
theme, ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’. As a largely maritime state, Jamaica supports the green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future, while we work together to ensure
cohesiveness and partnership. Indeed, we will leave no one behind. This support is demonstrated by the passage of the ballast water act in 2019, which is aimed at protecting Jamaica’s marine environment. This is also in keeping with commitments under the Ballast Water Management Convention, of which Jamaica is a signatory. With over 90 per cent of Jamaica’s trade conducted by sea, the Government recognises
the importance of the Blue Economy in spurring economic growth and development.

World Maritime Day 2022

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As the international shipping community comes together to mark World Maritime Day, the Maritime Authority of Jamaica pledges to work with its regional partners to promote a culture of enterprise
where new technologies can be developed to facilitate greener shipping and protect our vital marine environment while also being mindful of the need for shipping to decarbonize by 2050.

People are at the heart of green shipping’s technological ambitions says Jamaica

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People play a central role in the development of new technologies to help shipping meet its environmental goals and protect the marine environment say Jamaican maritime leaders.

As the maritime community comes together to celebrate World Maritime Day with its theme of New Technologies for Greener Shipping, Jamaica’s Transport Ministry and Maritime Authority have stressed the importance of ensuring people are also at the heart of maritime technological advances.

Jamaica’s Minister of Transport and Mining, the Hon. Audley Shaw, CD, MP, pledged: “We will leave no one behind,” as he endorsed the green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future.

Maritime Authority Pledges Commitment to Greener Shipping

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The Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ) is pledging to work with its regional partners to promote a culture of enterprise where new technologies can be developed to facilitate greener shipping.

MAJ Director General, Rear Admiral Peter Brady, gave the commitment in his message to mark World Maritime Day, which will be observed on Thursday (September 29) under the theme ‘New Technologies for Greener Shipping’.