A Yacht, whether private, private charter of commercial, may also be registered in Jamaica. Registration of a Yacht requires the following documents:

Application  Form for Yacht Registration in Jamaica  (Form JSR-Y88)

The composite form incorporates the application for registration, declaration of ownership and appointment of authorized representative all in one document.  It is used where the owner is an entity or an individual, regardless of the location or intended region of operation of the vessel. 

Authorized Person (Attorney in Fact) (Form JSR-Y87)

An Authorized Person, by virtue of this appointment, has authority to complete, sign and submit the Declaration of Ownership for a Body Corporate/Partnerships/Foreign Maritime Entity and Individual or joint-owners as well as all other forms and supporting documentation submitted in relation to the vessels applicable for registration. 
Where a duly executed Power of Attorney is submitted with the application however, this form may not be applicable

Declaration of Private Use (Form JSRY90)

A Private Yacht may not engage in commercial activities.  Where there is the likelihood of the Private Yacht being chartered or ‘loaned’ with a charge to recover the cost of its operation and not for profit, such a Yacht may be registered as a Private Charter Yacht.  A Private (Charter) Yacht is required to also submit to the Registrar, a Declaration of Private Use.  The Declaration is an undertaking is given to not engage the Yacht for ‘reward’ in excess of eighty-four (84) days in any calendar year. The Yacht will be classified as a Commercial Yacht, where found to be engaged beyond this allowed period.

Supporting Documents

To complete full registration, the following supporting documentation must be provided:

  1. Proof of Ownership
    1. Bill of Sale - for ships that have had a change of owner, or;
    2. Builder's Certificate – from the Builder, for new buildings or;
  2. Proof of Elibility
    1. Certificate of Incorporation or Similar Documents of Establishment;
    2. Notice of Directors or Similar Documents;
    3. Certificate of Good Standing (if entity established for over one year)
    4. Jamaican Passport (if sole Owner; and Tax Payer Registration Number));
  3. Application for Radio Station Licence
    All Jamaican ships from 10 gross tons or engaged in international voyages, are required to hold a valid Radio Station Licence, issued by the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA), Jamaica.  The Application for Radio Station Licence captures all the fixed radio equipment onboard and must indicate the reflected information for each piece of equipment, to be accepted by the SMA.
  4. Certificate of Deletion
    Unless the subject of a Bareboat Charter Arrangement, no Jamaican ship may also hold current registration with in another jurisdiction.To facilitate the permanent registration of a vessel in Jamaica, evidence must be provided that all previous entries of the vessel in a Register of Ships, have been cancelled.The original Deletion Certificate issued by the state of last registration, must therefore be submitted to the Registrar to facilitate the registration of the vessel. The Certificate should be dated on or prior to the date of registration in Jamaica.
  5. Carving and Marking Note
    A Carving & Marking Note (C&M Note) will be issued upon receipt of the application form and Fees for a vessel that is considered acceptable for admission onto the Flag. Once properly marked, an authorized inspector will verify this by signing the C&M Note after which the signed note should be returned to the Registrar as a pre-requisite to permanent registration. Return of the C&M Note may also be facilitated under section JSR-Y88(4d).