Day of the Seafarer

President’s Message Juan Carlos Croston Caribbean Shipping Association

Day of the Seafarer - June 25, 2021

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The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has brought acute focus to the maritime industry, and the individuals and entities that operate within it. It is a shame that it took a global health crisis to begin global discussions about the vital importance of our seafarers.

Seafarers matter to the global economy

Dr. Carolyn Graham, expert in maritime affairs with a focus on international labour standards and seafarers’ welfare collaborates with Mrs. Simone Cunningham-Heirs, lecturer in culture and maritime education at the CMU in highlighting some current issues facing seafarers.

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Merchant seafarers have chosen a dangerous occupation in which they are exposed to risks in a combination rarely encountered in other occupations.

  • Detlef Nielsen, “Deaths at sea - a study of fatalities on board Hong Kong-registered merchant ships (1986–95)”

2021 Day of the Seafarer Virtual Forum

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Panel discussion featuring Rear Admiral Peter Brady, Director General of Maritime Authority of Jamaica; Dr. Hortense Ross Innerarity, Superintendent of Pilotage, Port Authority of Jamaica; Capt. Devron Newman, Dean, Faculty of Marine and Nautical Studies, Caribbean Maritime University.

Garfield Allen, third-officer, Exmar Ship Management and CMU Alumnus provided his perspective on the current realities facing seafarers across the globe. 

Maritime Authority of Jamaica Survey of Seafarers (2021)

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As part of activities in support of Day of the Seafarer June 25, 2021, Maritime Authority of Jamaica conducted a survey of Jamaican seafarers. The findings of the survey reflect the dedication needed by seafarers operating a modern merchant ship, as it travels the globe delivering world trade.